A downloadable asset pack

Low poly futuristic coin collectible assets. Inspired by things like cyberpunk, science fiction, and crypto currency. A great collectible for futuristic platformers or action games. Hand painted tech styled textures and some simple materials setup already in unity.

Package Details

  • 3 Meshes [ OBJ format]
  • 1 Diffuse Texture
  • 1 Specular Texture
  • 1 Emission Texture

Technical Details

  • Mesh [s] Triangle Count : 76
  • Mesh [m] Triangle Count : 84
  • Mesh [l] Triangle Count : 96
  • Texture Size : 1024x1024
  • Modeling Tool : Blender
  • Texturing Tool : Photoshop


IT-C01-CNS.zip 496 kB


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Hey there, I really like this asset, but I don't see an applied license. What kind usage of your Futuristic Coins is allowed/not allowed :-) ?

You can do anything with them but try and sell them. Enjoy!